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Recreating Sam & Max scenes in Super Scribblenauts? (spoilers!)

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With Super Scribblenauts's tons of words and adjectives, I'm wondering if anyone here that owns the game has tried recreating any scenes from Sam & Max in the game. I myself just put together Sam's confrontation with The Narrator in TCTDNS using these objects:

Big calm monochrome dog (Sam)
Monochrome denim fedora (Sam's hat)
Red Tie (glued to Sam as his tie)
Monochrome depressed musician (Narrator. The musician's look is the closest I could get to him)
Red flower (held by the Narrator)
Monochrome desk (The Narrator's desk)
Monochome mic (obvious)
Monochome chair
Monochrome table (Astral Projector's table)
Projector (Astral Projector)
Monochrome flat scrapbook (Max's memory book)

Anyone else done something like this?

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