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Seen any ghosts?

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This is the Official ZOMG ghost thread post your ghost stories here.

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  • I've had a few experiences. But I'm not very coherent telling them. They're true stories,but some times it's hard to begin, and to know what to omit or leave in the story. I do have a few stories though.

    I'll tell one that's not about me.

    My sister went away to college. She had a ghost busters posting hanging in her dorm. The poster would always fall off the wall. No matter how many times she put it up, how she put it up. There wasn't any draft, and the other posters in the room always stood up, she even tried hanging it where other posters have hanged. It was a rather ordinary poster too, other special about it.

    As time passed something strange happened, there were finger prints engraved into the poster. Engraved. It wasn't just oils from the skin, a few finger prints. When you looked at you could notice that there were finger prints literally scratched into this poster.

    The prints were actually feminine but at night my sister would see the shadow figure of a girl. Eventually she named this "shadow figure". At this point my sister had no room mate and had visitors very rarely.

    She was a hard core skeptic and would call me telling me she saw figures, or heard voices. She has no history of mental illness.

    She took the poster home and I've seen it. It's as I've explained. It almost looks as if it's coming out ward, as if some one from the other side of the poster etched their finger prints into it.

    I personally was a little skeptical, I didn't want my emotions and personal experiences to yell GHOST GHOST because I wanted to know that some one else in my family was experiencing these things.

    And, they have on and off over the years as I have.

    That's my first story, I'll give you a break because my stories tend to drag on because there's a certain level of emotion, fear, fascination involved in them.

  • I still see my step-moms dead cat walk by my room.

    That's all I see anymore, ghosts of cats. My grandmothers house has some ghosts in it that I used to see every once in a while.

  • ^

    I was a firm believer in Ghost through puberty. I wished it all were true. That paranormal things did exist. Fox Mulder was my idol and I wanted to become like him. But through recent years I have found out that they don't exist, mediums are charlatans and people in general are naive.

  • I once thought I saw a ghost and jumped up to confront it, but it turned out to be my mom in a white nightgown, sneaking in my room to "borrow" one of my books. I totally freaked her out. :D

  • @Origami said:
    mediums are charlatans

    This part is true.

  • One time I was home sick and I turned the stay alarm on. You can move freely through the house, you just can't open doors or it will go off. All the doors were locked and there was no one but me in the house.

    So, I was just laying in my bed watching TV, I heard the door slam and the alarm went off. I ran to see what had caused it, and the front door was unlocked from the inside.

    Was it a ghost? I dunno. That's about it, though. Happy Halloween!

  • I used to think my room was haunted. But then I found out it was just squirrels in the attic and a poor memory with misplacing things.

  • I went to Sweden once, and, my god, that place was swarming with them! I couldn't go ten feet without seeing another g---....

    Did you say goat or ghosts? (Ghost's don't exist. Goats go though.)

  • I've seen thirteen ghosts. Of Scooby-Doo.

    Get it? Because, 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo. Bah, I give up.

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