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Mac link for free games

posted by LongPants on - Viewed by 237 users

There's a simple solution for those who have macs and are purchasing (or in this case acquiring a free game) when no link is at first readily available. Going to your "Your games" section when logged in your account will display the mac link alongside the PC one. However, as was the case in attempting to download the Halloween special for the Sam & Max games ("Night of the Raving Dead"), the first link (the only one readily available) on the episode's main page and the link you are provided with when your purchase is confirmed are PC-only links.

Henceforth, I request that mac links be readily available so as to not confuse or deny willing and able mac users, when free or otherwise games are available, both on the game's (or "episode's" main page and the 'confirmed purchase' page.

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