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Problems with Case 3 on Xbox 360

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Just wondering if anyone is having the same problem i have with case 3 on the Xbox 360.

Got right towards the end i now know who the murderer is ive matched their DNA to the case and its telling me to get a warrant from Brass. Now i didnt get the warrant avaible message on screen and when i go to Brass all i can do is speak to the killer and say goodbye to them.

I went back to see what ive done wrong and it now says the dna is the killers and i cant do anything else.

I looked at a guide online and they took excalty the same steps tht they took and still i get no warrant message.

I have now wasted over 4 hours on this case and i cant get on to the last two cases because of this is there a special trick to this or is this just a major bug with the Xbox 360 verson????

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