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Sam and max issue when leaving the office

posted by ezekiel2021 on - last edited - Viewed by 191 users

I have just purchased the game and finally got it running. But after I give the cheese to the rat and get the phone back, I try to leave the office and the game then shuts off and goes directly back to the desktop. HEEEELLLLPPPP!!!

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  • You're playing the demo mode -- that's when it quits out of the demo. You need to activate the game to play the full version.

    I looked up your email address and see that you already bought the game. Please click Activation Support on the first game screen and follow the instructions to get an activation key. (If Situation: Comedy is also in demo mode, you'll need to do the same for that game. You can tell if it's in demo mode from the two buttons that say "Play Demo" and "Buy Full Game". If there's just one big button that says "Launch Game", then the game is already activated.)

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