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Save games in Adventure Bundle

posted by Zamot on - Viewed by 66 users

I am playing The Whispered World through The Adventure Bundle and it skips the video sequences. According to this post it's fixed and should work if I download the installer and/or the game again.

So my first question is: Does it? Anyone here who has downloaded TWW recently and got the cutscenes working?

If the answer is yes, it leads me to my second question: Where can I locate the save games on my hard drive so I can use them after reinstalling? (using Windows Vista). Not really good with this technical stuff and I'm not about to play through it again.

And for the record I'd like to say that this is not the first problem I've had with the bundle and I'm very dissappointed with it being such a bugfest. I was thrilled with getting so many games for such a low price but now I feel it's just been too much trouble. Judging by the posts on this board, I'm not the only one.

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