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Fix: How I fixed the launcher crash in Texas Hold'em

posted by econojo on - Viewed by 84 users

After install, the game ran fine. When I went to run the game afterward, the launcher would constantly crash with "success" in the window title and just black and gray in the launcher. It would crash every single time.

I read a lot of launcher crashes for multiple games on here, so I hope that these steps might help someone else who has a similar problem, especially if it could be applied to other Telltale games.

1. Go to C:\Program Files\Telltale Games\Telltale Texas Hold'em\GameData\Pack

2. Move the file aPoker_english_browser.ttarch to another directory where you could transport it back if there are issues

3. Run the game

4. When I ran it, it showed up in window mode and could not be changed. Before closing, go to 'Options' in the game and save the setting with full screen.

5. At this point, the game will come out blurry in full screen mode. Alt-Tab and close the game (end the process).

6. Launch game again and it should work fine every time! :)

Disclaimer: I am running Windows Vista, have updated graphics, 32-bit, etc. All other Telltale games work perfectly. I believe (not sure) the issue in the launcher has something to do with Internet Explorer 8. Hopefully, future launchers by Telltale will have a fix for this.

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