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  • Arggghh. Someone reported this on the press copy, and we tried to find it during testing, but couldn't. :S I was looking for it specifically.

    Oh well, thanks for reporting it.

  • I noticed a little bit of lag in the casino too.

    Thanks for letting us know about the cursor. Is that consistent (anything you try to use in the casino?), or does it just happen sometimes?

  • I have a different bug entirely. My game farts out on me every five minutes, causing me to wait another five minutes before I can get back into the game.

    It normally happens in areas where when Sam walks into a location, he talks to the person immediately.

  • I have a really bad lag problem in episode 3, It doesn't happen in any other episode which is weird.
    I'm running

    Two dual core 2.66Ghz processos
    Ati Radeon 19000xt 512mb
    2Gb Ram

    I'm pretty sure it should be fine but the whole game acts weird. I get the last item staying in the cursor also.

    The game was really good but these errors did take the edge off a bit.

  • The game is laggy by me too (episode 3 only). I can see in the Task Manager that the game consumes more RAM with each scene change going up to at least 1.5 GB. I only have 1 GB RAM (AMD64 3000+, ATi Radeon X800Pro) so I found it useful to restart the game every time it gets too slow.
    Anyway, the memory consumption is really bad for the game that takes 200MB on the harddisk.

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    Yes, I think this third episode has memory leaks somewhere. After some playing, the game starts to lag a lot, but it's remedied just saving, exiting the game to Windows, and then starting the game again, like "crds" says. Sometimes after exiting I see one of those tray notification balloons saying something about "low virtual memory" or something like that and the hard disk is "thrashing" a lot.

    Ok, I only have 512 MB RAM, but my computer is not that old (it's a Pentium IV 3,2 GHz.), and other people in this thread ("Slaphead-Media" and "Thriftweed") are both having the same lag problem with 2 GB RAM and modern dual processors! Also, this didn't happen in previous episodes. I hope this is fixed in the CD version. I had to exit and restart the game at least 3 times to have a playable gameplay (without jerky motion).

    I've also had the gun problem in the casino, but even worse: after using the gun and choosing another item, Sam's arm remained pointing to his front, but without any weapon in his hand!, and when trying to walk, he walked without stopping pointing! Entering another room solved the "rigid arm" problem :)

  • Along with the lag problem, I also had two (minor, and probably related) sound issues: the casino bear heads song and the end credits music didn't play. (Those are the only tech issues I've encountered in the series.)

  • I'm also suffering from major lag issues. At points it get's so bad it can be difficult to click on anything. I've noticed it never seems to lag on "close ups" ( people are talking, or when transitioning from one scene to another). I ran Situation Comedy a little to see if it was just an issue with my computer, but didn't experience any lag.

    1.6GHz Pentium M, 512MB ram

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