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Episode 3..thoughts

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I loved the music once again.
I thought the art direction was really good. The casino looked great. Loved the carpet and surroundings. Lots of color.
I liked the story, in fact I think it was better than episode 2. It was more absurd and more in line with Sam & Max's zanyness :D
I liked how there were more steps within the puzzles, particularly the last puzzle.
Voice acting was great, the guy who does Boris from TTHE is great.
There just wasn't enough inventory items to provide any real challenge.
Seemed like a very short game, was over just as it got going.

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  • I liked being able to use Bosco's new item on nearly everybody.

  • @numble said: I liked being able to use Bosco's new item on nearly everybody.

    That was good..particularly what the Don revealed :)

  • I loved the lively animation in the opening scene in the office. Episode 2 had me worried that the engine might not be up to stuff like that; I'm glad to have been proven wrong. There were also some pretty good facial animations in this episode.
    The music, art and writing were all excellent, as in the previous episodes. The story (and writing in general) also seemed more appropriate to Sam and Max than in the previous episodes. You're getting closer and closer to perfection, keep up the good work!
    I have to admit though, the game once again felt easier and shorter than the previous episode. This is a trend which you have got to reverse. If you do that and keep up the forward-momentum on the other fronts, I predict that when the season is done I'll commit the blasphemy of calling it better than Hit the Road.

  • My first thought was "Eek! My frame rate has taken a holiday to Siberia and frozen!" I can't play it on my laptop any more, its just ridiculously slow unless the camera is stuck into a corner. I'm guessing they've made some graphics upgrades in textures or models or something, I didn't have these problems with the previous two.

    Haven't had a chance to actually get going in the game yet, I'm going to have to install it on my beefy PC.

  • I agree completely with pretty much everything said here. The animations, music (especially!) and voice acting are all still top notch. I enjoyed the level of difficulty in the puzzles, and embarassingly got stuck once. I'm not saying where, because it's kinda dumb...

    The climax was about 14.7 times better than both previous episodes put together, and i'm glad they're finally putting in some slightly more meatier puzzles, if only slightly (heh, meatball reference I guess).

    One thing that someone's already brought up was a framerate drop. I agree, even in the original levels such as outside S&Ms office, my PC seemed to slouch, and it's still a decent spec by today's standards. I shouldn't really need to cut out anti-aliasing for a game like this, surely?

  • I thought the opening and ending scenes were the best of the series so far. There is something satisfying about being in the office again at the beginning. it's almost like revisiting old friends and hanging out for a bit.
    The simplicity of the puzzles does make me a little bored during the middle of the game. Going through those 3 ridiculously easy tasks was more of a chore than a challenge, there was never one point where I had to think.
    Saying all that I still enjoyed the episode as much as the other two.
    Overall the series is really good, but not great in my opinion. It falls down too heavy on the lack of locations and inventory items, making the whole thing a breeze.

  • I found episode 3 to be MUCH shorter, and the puzzles easier than the first two. I had it finished in roughly an hour in contrast to 4 hours with ep 1 and 3 for ep 2.

    Also, I found the lack of cheese, slime, poison, dismembered body parts or other comical items somewhat disturbing. Please bring back gross humor in future episodes!

    About the frame-rate drop, its definitely a memory leak. With 1GB of ram and 1GB of swap, I exited S&M after completion and found that (a) it had trouble exiting(screen was black until I End Task'd it) and (b) windows had popped up "Virtual Memory Low".

    Nice slow-mo scene at the end though.

  • First off can I just say a HUGE LOL! I thought that EP3 was so funny, even more so than the previous EP's. A huge dig though, the voice audio levels were terrible! In some points of the game, sam n max's voice were so loud and then in other points they were so quiet I actually kept the text on so I could follow incase of those lower speach levels. I would go through and re-master these levels in futer Sam n Max games as the difference was very noticable. But a big YAY, the 3D work in the characters looked alot cleaner! Why is this? I dunno why but did anyone else feel this too?

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