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    And here's how the dialogue system will work:


    Yep, I was right. This is EASILY Telltale's best looking game. 1,000,000x better looking than ToMI. And that was only last year! Think of how good TT's games could look in 2012!

  • Beat ya to it.

    But yours covers the whole article, so...

  • I posted a few minutes before you, actually, if you check the times, but I don't care which, if any, topics stay. I also say that the link was posted a good 20 mins ago in the faq thread.

  • Alan posted about this before you all in the sticky topic. :P

    Here are my thoughts:

    -LOOKS DAMN AMAZING! Went crazy when I saw them. The cartoony style is really the best way to go.
    Really befitting for BttF and captures the atmosphere of the movies.
    -TellTale definitely stepped up their game in the graphics department. Perhaps no Uncharted 2 level of graphics but this truly a next gen. But I am not graphics whore so this doesn't have the most priority Still happy that it looks so wonderful ofcourse. *claps for Telltale*

    The only thing I noticed is that we can't see Marty's blue pupils.
    This is really no gripe though, because MJ. Fox has quite dark eyes in the movies. Never stood out to me he had blue eyes.

  • @Origami said: Alan posted about this before you in the sticky topic.

    Yes, as I said in the post above yours. I don't normally check the faq thread, so I missed it. I don't really thing anyone cares who posted first, I simply didn't see a topic for it, and I felt the first look merited one.

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    The forum time stamp has determined that this is Orusaka's thread when I merged the threads. :D

    I'll be back in a second to comment on these screenshots thoroughly. Hold on to your hats. ;)

  • You can definitely see Marty's blue pupils in the game. I've seen them, a number of times...as the trailer that's going live on Dec. 2 has been coming together!

  • This looks fantastic! Damn, I was expecting it to look good, but this is so much better than I expected!
    Like George Lucas and Steven Spielberg said:

    Lucas: It's gonna be great.
    Spielberg: It's gonna be great.
    Lucas: It's gonna be great.
    Spielberg: It's gonna be great.
    Lucas: It's gonna be great.
    Spielberg: It's gonna be great.

    I can't wait! :D

  • @Orusaka

    I didn't read your post since I was busy typing up mine. But true, I didn't care for it really. The screenshots deserve a topic of their own. This is no competition lol.

    I'd just like to state that I rarely have been looking forward to a game as I do with BttF.
    In the last half-decade the only games that really did something to me were TWEWY and Uncharted 2. Like this both games I was on the lookout everyday for new released info.

    EDIT: Owh that's nice to hear Alan. Thanks for adressing that.

    Same here. This is much better than I expected! *claps again for TellTale*
    Thank you so much! *cries*

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    Care for a pro/con list?

    [*]Still no visible likeness to Christopher Lloyd or Michael J. Fox. Why buying likeness rights then?
    [*]Game graphics are obstructed by menu elements in the upper right. Is that really necessary?
    [*]Textures could, as always, be more high-res. Ruins a lot in the interior of that first picture. *Sigh*

    [*]The DeLorean Model looks AMAZING. You can actually look inside! Eat this, GTA HV!
    [*]Lighting and colors - very atmospheric.
    [*]Even without a video, you can see that Doc's gestures have improved a lot.
    [*]Lots of interesting textures.
    [*]Time travel lighting/effects look great!
    [*]Likeness or no, Doc's and Marty's faces are very expressive, owing to the cartoon style.

    I'll get more points to that list later on. ;)

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