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I think to narrow down the problem we should compile a list of Video Cards that everyone is using, working or not, to help TellTale narrow down where the problem lies. This can help with showing what the majority of users are using to play this game. Post your video card model and the issues or if it works and I'll add it to the list.

GTX 460 - No Problems
325M GT 1GB - No Problems
9600M GT - No Problems
8600GTS - No Problems
8400GS - Slow
8300GS - Slow, Missing graphics
7600GT - Slow
6200 TurboCache - Blank Screen
FX 5900 - Blank Screen
FX 5200 - Blank Screen

Radeon 5850 - No Problems
Radeon HD4850 - No Problems
Radeon HD3300 - No Problems
Radeon HD3150 - Crashes, Blank Screen
Radeon HD2600 - Slow
Radeon X1600 - Slow, Lines in Graphics
Radeon X1550 - Slow
Radeon X1200 - Blank Screen, Crashes, Slow
Radeon X1050 - Blank Screen, Crashes
Radeon X800 - Blank Screen
Radeon X300/X550/X1050 - Blank Screen
RADEON XPRESS 200M - Blank Screen
Radeon 9600 - Blank Screen, Crashes, Missing graphics
Radeon 9250 - Crashes

GMA HD4500 - Slow, Missing Graphics
Intel G33/G31 - Blank Screen, Crashes
GMA x3100 - Blank Screen
GMA 950 - Blank Screen
82945G - Blank Screen, Crashes

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