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Poker Night missing text fix !

posted by valkysas on - last edited - Viewed by 63 users

ok i been trying to get this game to work right with my pc

so far i found a way to remove the black back ground / only subs showing up
and i just found a way to get the missing text to show up ! in options

download 3danalyze and run the game with the option - force sw TNL

and run the game you should now have text in options

note this made my game more lagy

now all we need is a fix to stop it from crashing after we throw are money in :)

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  • I also downloaded 3Danalyze in hopes of fixing my game from crashing. The options I used were force max pixel shader version 1.4 which made the black screen go away and fixed the game from crashing when I changed the resolution.

    I also used the force 16 bit zbuffer w/o stencil option which fixed the options from being all choppy and it also made the Telltale logo appear perfectly.

    When I ran it out of 3Danalyze it did not make my game laggy but made it more responsive.

    And which version are you using? The Steam version or the Telltale one?

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