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Poker Night Buggy Woes...or not?

posted by TheDummy on - last edited - Viewed by 126 users

I'm writing this post with concerns on the recently released Poker Night at the Inventory. Now, I've no problems with the game and have found the gameplay to be immensely enjoyable. What I'm ever so slowly scratching upon the chalkboard towards is a bug that ended up with positive results for myself. Just yesterday, I had successfully garnered from Strong Bad (that cocky little bastard) his Dangeresque Glasses and immediately afterward started a new game. I rejoiced when The Heavy honorably wagered his collateral, especially since I had failed at every attempt to swipe his love away before. Unfortunately, I had business at the time that drew me away from the game, so I decided to leave the tournament there to continue at another time. Some hours later, I finally gave in to my poor attention span and chose to play Team Fortress 2 for a bit. Lo' and behold, the Iron Curtain was revealed in all its glory to be unlocked for me. Baffled and slightly curious, I decided to investigate into this enigma. Quitting TF2 and loading Poker Night at the Inventory revealed that The Heavy had been busted out with me holding twenty thousand chips. Ecstatic that all the work had been done for me, I felt it was only right to tell you of this possible bug (in no way rubbing in the fact that I got a nice item for NOTHING.)

I decided to read through this and have detected the inherent joy that is in my writing currently. I would never write like this normally...I'm also not sure if this post should be posted here. Oh, by the by, this is an amazingly satisfying game so +fan.

Have a nice day.

(please oh please oh please don't tell Valve to take it away from me in a righteously furious rage of retribution.)

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