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[Poker Night] Crash bug related to all-in betting

posted by Dachannien on - last edited - Viewed by 121 users

Not sure I can describe this situation completely, because by the time I realized there was a problem, part of it had already happened. Anyway:

It's before the flop. Tycho has the most chips on the board, and he goes all in. Max and Strong Bad have more than me, and the Heavy has less. I call, and then Max, Strong Bad, and the Heavy all call.

But instead of setting up side pots for the appropriate amounts and going straight to the showdown, the game instead hands back some money to Max, Strong Bad, and Tycho, leaving the Heavy and me as both being all-in.

The game then goes on with the flop and a second round of betting. Max bets again, and Strong Bad calls, putting him all in, but it skips Tycho. After the river, Max checks, and the game freezes up (Tycho, who had previously been skipped, would have been next to act).

After about 30 seconds, the game crashes to the desktop.

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  • I just saw a related occurrence that didn't result in a crash. I was playing heads-up with Max, and he was down to $800, which wasn't enough to cover his big blind. However, instead of going straight to the showdown, it made me go through each round of betting, even though Max never responded to my checks. For fun, after the river, I went all in, but Max didn't respond that time either. After that, it revealed the hole cards and picked the winner as normal.

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