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Puzzle Agent patch, "Cut Your Losses" bug == Unsolvable

posted by Mujaki on - last edited - Viewed by 350 users

Playing the Steam version, and I had just finished the game the night before this patch came out.
The new version of "Cut Your Losses" seems to have a bug, in that I simply CANNOT get it to draw a line from the top-right player to the right-most player. And the solution I found requires a pass between those two.
Also, while the rotation of "Room Key Confusion" makes it easier than the original version, the addition of that final vertical pipe makes it a little TOO easy, to be honest.
Finally, when loading a save file of a completed game in slot 2, the scroll bar for the puzzle archive fails to appear at first. If you click "Back," and then click anywhere to bring up the list again, then it will have the scroll bar.

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  • I can confirm the bug in Cut Your Losses as well, and I second that the Room Key puzzle is almost TOO easy now, although that is more of an opinion thing.

    As for the scroll bar issue, though, I loaded my (completed) file from slot 1 and didn't get a scroll bar. I was able to scroll the list of puzzles simply by clicking and dragging the files themselves up or down, so I assumed it was intentional, but if the scroll bar reappears sometimes I'm not so sure. If it was intentional, though, I think I'd prefer having it there because otherwise it's not entirely intuitive how to scroll the list.


    Hmm. I'll be very surprised if Cut Your Losses is actually unbeatable. We tested it very thoroughly on the exact same build of the game that was uploaded to Steam on Tuesday, and never had any problem with it being unbeatable.

    Please try the attached solution and let me know if it works. Thanks!

  • That was the solution I was trying. For whatever reason, the line between the two upper right players wouldn't connect. I tried starting from either player and dragging to the other and couldn't get it to work, and it also didn't matter whether every other line was drawn or if no other lines were drawn. It just stayed as the semi-transparent line and never formed a connection.

    Perhaps it has something to do with the game being beaten? It sounds like the original poster was using a completed file, and I was as well.

  • As CKcheeseboy said, I'm playing it on a file that was completed 100% BEFORE the patch was installed. And I deduced the solution that was pictured, BUT... that one line from the upper-right to the right-most player just will not stay connected. I can draw lines from either of them to ALL other players, just not that one vital connection.

    Now I'm wondering why the original pro-vandalism version was replaced... Bugs In Boxes has three versions, why not slip this puzzle in as Football #1.5, in between the original two?

  • Same here, TTG version patch. 100% completion file too.

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