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25% Off Question

posted by Justin712712 on - last edited - Viewed by 61 users

Out of my own ignorance, I assumed the 30 days of Telltale started on December first, and, to my disappointment, I checked back with the site on the fourth day, missing the 50% off deal. :( Right now it's 25% off for everything in the store, but I'm not sure whether I should settle for it or "risk" it and hope for a better deal specifically for the Sam and Max games.

I bought season 1, and I beat it, but I fell out of playing the games after that. After a couple of months I checked back to discover season 3 was out, and, after trying the demo, I was amazed at how compelling this season was. I've since bought the entire season and completed it, but I still skipped season 2.

So my question is this: will there be another deal just for the Sam and Max games? I'm not sure how the 30 days are planned out, but a hint would be very much appreciated. If that's not possible, then it was my fault for missing the first deal, and I'm totally okay with paying slightly more for these fantastic games. Thanks in advance! :D

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