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Confused by 30 Days of Telltale Day 10 Offer

posted by Diziet on - Viewed by 74 users

The offer states:

Today's Deal: Free Back to the Future Card Game and Puzzle Agent when You Pre-Order Back to the Future -- Only $24.95

Yet adding the card game gets you a free puzzle agent and adding bttf : the game gets you the usual pre-order offer. So in total:

Back to the Future: The Card Game
$19.95 Update
$19.95 Remove

Puzzle Agent
Solve the mystery of Scoggins, Minnesota!

$9.95 Update
$0.00 Remove

Back to the Future
Includes free copy of Puzzle Agent with every preorder!
I'm buying this game as a gift for someone else
This item has been backordered (see below)
$24.95 Update
$24.95 Remove

Discount applied: -$9.95

Total in your cart: $44.90

So how do you take advantage of the offer, or am I misreading it? It say's to me:

Pre-order BTTF : Game and get the Card Game and Puzzle Agent for $24.95 and not $44.90.

Any hints or is it due to living in the UK and the offer not being available here due to postage?

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