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Excellent job, Jared!

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Haven't played ep3 yet, but I must talk big about the music in it! It's absolutely the best one so far, and I love every little piece of it! I hope the music keeps getting better and better. It's SO awesome.

Thanks both to Telltale and Jared for bringing out this third episode! I WILL eventually play it (when I've finished off ep2 ;) )

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    Yep, the music is once again gorgeous! The game wouldn't be half as stylish if you turned the speakers of!

  • Best game score since Grim Fandango (and Shenmue 2) to me... I really love music (I'm the kind of man who buy soundtracks without even see movies :P) and here, it's gorgeous yes :) very well done tracks, far away from other games for me (every styles, from fps to RPG, I love Tera Theme for example, but here we have a melody but also a very clean and "human" (oppositing to synthetic ones) touch...

    Awesome :)

  • As a trumpet player, I love this soundtrack.

    This one had some screaming high notes that the first 2 eps didn't have... I say, "More screaming high notes!"

  • I remember the discussions back when TellTale announced "Sam & Max" for the first time. Being a huge fan of what the Land/Bajakian/McConnell trio created for "Hit the Road", I - as many others - were worried if the music of the new game series would live up to it. Then the Office-theme from "Culture Shock" got released and I was convinced right away. But with Episode 3 Jared really topped what he's done before (even the fantastic "Soda Poppers"-theme), especially with the "Toy Factory"-theme, clocking in at nearly 6 minutes and featuring some of the coolest brass-sections I've heard in a long time. The decision to pick real musicians for these tracks was definitely the perfect example of resources well spent.

    I won't go back to my usual "I want a Season 1 soundtrack release"-banter, because with this episode's music Jared basically turned the discussion - whether a soundtrack release makes sense or not - into redundancy.

    Thank you so much, Jared!

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    A little bit of topic, but if I remember correctly, I've read somewehere that Jared will also write the music for Autumn Moon's A Vampyre Story.

  • The music was indeed fantastic, the composition in the back room of the casino made me want to crack walnuts with my hands and say "May your first child be a masculine child." to random people :P

  • @LGH said: A little bit of topic, but if I remember correctly, I've read somewehere that Jared will also write the music for Autumn Moon's A Vampyre Story.

    That'd be awesome news.


  • Can anyone source the Jared-Autumn Moon connection? I know that some demo music for A Vampyre Story was composed by a guy named Zach Quarles (which you can hear here), but then Bill Tiller said something about a replacement composer due to lack of availability. I've also seen the name Brooks White in association with AVS music.

    EDIT: Okay, this is from the AD Conference, which I believe is the latest official word we've heard about the music:

    [quote=Bill Tiller]
    Well we have six piece of music done by Zachery Quarles and some FMV music by Brooks white. But that was just for our demo. Generally one doesn’t start music till all the locations and production schedule is done, or all the FMV story reels are done. So Music won’t get into full swing for a while, and that is normal.[/quote]

    Also some details about the team for those interested:

    [quote=Bill Tiller]
    We have myself doing art direction, backgrounds, textures, game design, producing and story boards.
    Then we have Amy Tiller, my wife. She is doing production work and office management.
    Next we have Bill Eaken doing games design, character design, and background art.
    Dave Harris is doing some game design and writing most of the dialogue.
    Paul Mica was doing character designs for many of the main characters.
    Anson Jew did the open cut scene storyboards.
    Craig Rundels is doing the 3d modeling and textures for characters, props and sets.
    Kris Brown will be doing the voice recording for us.
    Bay Area Sound formed but a lot of ex Lucas sound and music producers will be doing our music.
    Livia Knight will be doing prop and set models.

    Some non Lucas Arts members of our team are:
    Aaron St John of Golden goose game, making our engine.
    Jean Louis Sirois is helping us do character designs and facial animation.
    Jimmy Almeida did all our basic animations, and will be doing a lot more of them.

    And that is basically our current team. We will be adding to that team quite a bit in the coming months. And some people will roll of once their roles are complete. But that is the latets up to date list.[/quote]

    But back to Jared!

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    Maybe I've just read Bay Area and deduced that Jared would do it then.

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