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So... I'm new to Sam & Max games...

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Hey guy's I'm new to the TellTale Games forums. I joined because I love the Back to the Future trilogy and heard there was a game coming out. I was really excited for that, when I noticed Sam & Max...

I loved the Sam & Max cartoon series! I haven't played any of the Sam & Max adventure games, though, and now I'm sorta thinking of play some. I looked up some of the games they've had and... woo, boy there's a lot!

Sooo, where should I start?

Would Devil's Playhouse on PS3 worth picking up? I played the demo and thought it was pretty cool. But would I be completely confused by the storyline if I were to start here?

If I see Season One on Wii sometime, should I pick it up? Would that be a better place to start? or would i still be confused if I haven't played the original Lucas Arts game?

Does it really matter if I get confused? Are the games as funny as the TV series? Would the humor make up for the for my lack of background knowledge of the game series?

Oh! Oh! I almost forgot! How's the gameplay? I never really got into point & click adventures, but I've played a few of them as well as some text adventure games, and I'm willing to start playing without thinking it's going to be a platforming game. Would you say the puzzles puzzling enough? Or are they too puzzling?

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  • Better to get them for PC, as the Wii version is not as good. Today only, there is a deal, where for $50, you get 5 other TTG games(Wallace and Gromit, Strong Bad, Bone, Puzzle Agent and Poker Night), compared to the $40 for only the 3 seasons of Sam and Max. You don't need to play Hit the Road(the old one) to start. The games are basically logic puzzle games, and are very funny.

  • Sam and Max is definently worth picking up. Season 1 would be the best place to start, but you can start on Season 3 if you don't mind spoilers, you just will miss some backstory. I never played the Lucasarts game and was never lost. The puzzles are good for the most part, there are some hard ones, but that's what the hints are for! If you don't mind point and click format, you should play it. It's even funnier than the TV series for the most part. Have I persuaded you enough yet?

  • The first season played really well for me, it was the second one that was bad on Wii.

  • If you have a computer that can run them, I'd recommend playing them in order on PC. You'd be fine playing just the Devil's Playhouse on PS3, but you'd miss out on some in-jokes and references.

  • As others have suggested, it's best to get Season 1 (and season 2) on the PC. I would recommend Seasons 1 and 2 before The Devil's Playhouse because of some references you wouldn't otherwise get, but you wouldn't be missing out on much if you did start with The Devil's Playhouse. There's no continuity between Telltale's games and Lucasarts's game so you could play either first and it wouldn't affect anything.

  • You CAN play any S&M game without playing the others but you will get more enjoyment out of playing them all in order.... and I actually suggest starting with Lucasarts S&M hit the road...

  • If your worrying about getting lost with buying the games out-of-order it doesn't matter, canonicity isn't a word known in the Sam and Max universe.

  • Nonetheless I suggest you start with Culture Shock, the first episode.

    I got introduced to these games because Abe Lincoln Must Die was for free on Steam and I could try it. Fell in love instantly.

    I actually wouldn't recommend Hit the Road right now... it's insanely hard. Try these ones first.

  • Man, now I have even more material things to add to my ever-growing list of unnessary wants: comic trades, video games, movies, and TV DVD sets... I swear, I'll have to get a part-time job eventually.

    Mathman, you said Season 1 worked okay for Wii? So... if I got Season 1 for Wii, and Devil's Playhouse for PS3, that'd work, maybe? Beyond Time and Space doesn't work well on Wii? Is it reeeally terrible?

    It's funny how you guys call each game a "Season" when aside from Season 1 I haven't seen any of the others having "Season" on them... That must just be a Sam & Max fan thing, huh? Like how Pokemon fans call each new group of games a "Generation"?

    I'd go for PC, but everytime I sit at the computer I end up surfing the web. The internet is so useful, yet such a vast, time-draining vortex...

    I must say that the Sam & Max Hit the Road holds a strange 2-dimentional alure for me. It reminds me of the TV series, and of the DOS games of my youth. Do you think they'll ever release it on PSN or some such?

    Wow, a whole new franchise to delve into, I'm a little overwhelmed here. Well, I'll deal with this more over Christmas vacation, I guess, when I'm not supposed to be studying for finals, lol.

  • The second game is also called "Season Two" on the PC, and the third game was called "Season Three" by pretty much everyone before the "The Devil's Playhouse" name came out.

    I have to reiterate the idea that it's best to play them on PC.

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