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I need an informed decision if i should buy a new console or save for my future pc.

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My next paycheck is coming and i have been longing for some good games i've been wanting to play like red dead redemption, FFXIII, Heavy Rain, Mass Effect 1,2,3.

Then theres the tough and expensive choices i must make.Theres Xbox 360 which doesnt have free online gaming, but better processor and theres PS3 which has most of my friends playing, better graphics, free online lag playing. Lastly but not least i got an outdated pc hardware that to buy a new desktop would require an investment of no less than $600. Which is something i've been thinking on saving.

Im thinking of buying a used console from Gamestop (Either Xbox 360 or PS3), but i dont know if its the right decision or if i should wait and save for my PC which no longer cant run todays game! So please give me an informed advice what you would do in my place and why?

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