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Sam and Max- Slowdown when entering rooms for 1st time

posted by Behonkiss on - last edited - Viewed by 204 users

This is a problem I've had in every Sam and Max title so far. Other than this, the games run fine, though I have to lower the resolution to keep the framerate steady:

Whenever I leave an area and go into another for the first time (ie, going into Bosco's from outside), there's what I assume is a loading period of 10-15 seconds. However, when it cuts to me entering the room, the game slows down and stutters for about 20 seconds more, even though everything's already loaded. This is tolerable if there's no movie sequence when I walk in, but often times there is, and it's distracting and difficult to make out the first conversation when the game stutters and stops.

Are there any tips for this? Is it a common problem that can be easily fixed, or is my computer severely underpowered?

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  • I also noticed this problem for the first time with Episode 3.
    In Ep 1 and 2, there was always a delay of several seconds when going from one area to another for the first time, but now it seems to lag a bit even after the new area is "started". (In addition to the progressively-worsening lag as play progresses, described in the Ep 3 "Memory Leak?" thread.)

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