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Murder at the Inventory - ideas anyone?

posted by YoshiRoll on - last edited - Viewed by 398 users

So, it seems to be popular opinion that it would be cool if there was a Murder Mystery game set at the Inventory, but what would happen, what would the gameplay be like, and more importantly, who would be in it? Post your ideas here people!

Here a few of my ideas to kick us off:

- Agent Tethers is called in to investigate a murder at the Inventory.
- Point and Click adventuring - interrogate suspects
- Whodunnit? - Was it: Sam, Max, Tycho, Strong Bad, Homestar, PomPom, Flint Paper, The Heavy, The Spy, Guybrush, Gromit, Superball, or Fone Bone?

This whole thing is highly unlikely, but what are your thoughts?

P.S. My moneys on the spy.

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