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speed game probleme ????

posted by fadi-l on - last edited - Viewed by 96 users

I have a problem with the speed of any game .
when I open a game its work very good and the speed normal but after a about 5 minutes the game will be sooooooo slow , and after a while it come back to the normal speed and still like that about 5 minutes an back again to the slow speed .

-My PC better than what are the games need it .
-I tried a lot of games and all made the same problem.
-I changed The Memory with new one but the problem as it before .

please what can I do ...

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  • Sounds like your computer is overheating. It happens to me all the time. Just make sure the fan to your PC is well ventilated and you should be fine.

  • Hi
    Happy new year to every one
    The heat of the system : 40
    and the CPU : 53 (Max value)
    and I have an external fan

    Notes :
    - The computer work fine all times but do that problem in the game .
    - I tried a program for show the temperature of CPU ( it's stable ) .
    - I tried change the windows from XP To windows7
    - Change The CPU
    - Last update of DirectX
    My computer : CPU : 3200/2m - Gigabyte - DDR3 2G - nvidia 9400
    Last Game I Tried (Ascension to the Throne. Valkyrie)

    please help me :(

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