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Please help with Wallace & Grommit Last Resort for ipad please

posted by pumperz on - last edited - Viewed by 208 users

Hi - i bought this game for my son, but he and I both are very frustrated with the very first introduction level. I know we have to give wallace his tool, then when the boards vanish we have to jump into the floaty thing and row to the rocket fuel and then over to the circuit breaker - I read the walkthrough and I have played this enough to get a feel for the controls, and I don't think we are doing anything wroing next, I think it's the game, but I am a mom, not a gamer, so I might be missing the obvious. So here I am begging for help on a game forum - (don't get old kids, you find yourself doing the oddest things... but back to the point....)

I select the fuel canister and an option pops up to take it, so we do. I paddle back and click on the circuit breaker and the two items (fuel and breaker) appear in the upper right hand corner and it says 'use rocket fuel on circuit break' so I tap like I have done to get on the floaty or pick up the canister, which is what I think I think am supposed to do, but when I tap on the use canister option nothing happen, just either the canister goes back into the inventory or the circuit break icon in the corner goes away.

Ok so I thought maybe I have to be back away from the circuit breaker, and just propel myself forward with the fuel canister, but no matter where in the game play area we are, when I select the fuel from the inventory nothing happens, it just shows up in the corner and vanishes when I touch it other than by the circuit breaker as mentioned 3 lines ago ;)

I don't care about the .99 I spent on the game, I don't want a refund and I am not upset, (i use the ipad as a graphic design tablet, book reader, and news reader, my idea of an exciting game is cribbage...) but my 7 yera old is a HUGE W&G fan and he is also a 7 yr old boy so he is getting so upset he is actually hitting my ipad - now you see my trouble, right? I have a $1000 toy my son wants to smash :rolleyes:

- I keep very very few games on the device (cuz I don't want to share) and I try to picks ones we can enjoy together like board games we already have, but this seemed like such an amazing opportunity to show him the amazing graphics, what the touch screen can do and your app store reviews are stellar, so I hope hope hope someone will reply to this post and help me figure out what on earth I am doing wrong so my son doesn't get high blood pressure before his 8th birthday :eek:

thanks for making such a beautiful game and making it affordable! I look forward to havng the veil of my ignorance lifted by the gurus at telltale games :D

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  • Hi pumperz,

    Considering you're asking for hints for solving game puzzles, this would be better asked in the hints forum: rather than game support.

    I haven't played The Last Resort in a while (and am doing so on a PC, not an iPad) but here's the steps to solve this puzzle.

    Ok, game loaded up, played through this step :)

    You're mostly there...

    When Gromit is paddling himself around on the floating toy, go towards the wall OPPOSITE the circuit breaker. There's a powerpoint there that's sparking - use that to light the fuel canister and Gromit will rocket across and switch the circuit breaker off.

    Hope you have fun with the game!

    Remember for adventure games, try everything with everything else, pick up everything you can, and explore all dialogue options. Even if something's not useful for the story, it's usually quite funny!

    Telltale's Games are also good with their hint system. If you're stuck and wandering around doing nothing for a while, the characters will give hints that might point you in the right direction... (you can turn up the frequency of hints in the settings)

    [OK... so if you have a game bug where you can't select the items, that's something maybe TTG staff can help with. Sorry I just re-read your post fully again]

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