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Do you have received the email?

posted by ciarals on - last edited - Viewed by 542 users

Hi! Yesterday I was waiting for an email from Telltale Games telling me that the Episode 1 was available, but it never arrived.
As stated on the Order Confirmation email, "Preordered games can be downloaded from your Telltale account once the game is released (we'll send an email to let you know)".
So my question is: do you guys have received this email yesterday?
Because, if so, I have to email Telltale that maybe I'm not in their list.
Thank you so much. Bye and have a great day playing BTTF! :)

EDIT: just not to create another topic for this little curiosity, also in your account the episode list is incorrect? In mine, the order is:
It's about time - Double Visions - Get Tannen! - Citizen Brown - OUTATIME
while the correct one, as everybody knows, is:
It's about time - Get Tannen! - Citizen Brown - Double Visions - OUTATIME

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