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Help, please... (S&M 305/Episode 5) *POSSIBLE SPOILERS*

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I have played through and beat the game several times now... Being as thorough as I have been in all prior episodes, and have achieved 100% in trophies in the previous 4. For some unknown reason, I cannot get 2 on Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse - Episode 5: The City That Dares Not Sleep. (Full title, just in case there is any confusion) The two trophies I am missing are "The Unabridged Version" (Listened to all of Max's audio books on vinyl in their entirety) and "Genius in its Simplicity" (Heard all the details of Stinky's origin) ... I have to be missing something, though I don't know what. Those trophies explain themselves. I'm getting very bored of this game very quickly... I've talked to everyone as much as I can talk to them, and listened to the vinyl's so many times that I can say them as they're spoken on screen now. Dx What am I missing? Are there glitches in these trophies...?

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