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Steam "deal"

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Hi, I'd just like to point out the sillyness of your christmas deals on steam. I'll just go through the facts:
1. The 1st season of S&M is dicounted by 50% to 14.99 EUR.
2. The 2dn season is also discounted by 50% to a price of 13.99 EUR
3. The S&M complete collection is also suposedly discounted by 50% percent. Now here comes the tricky part: the individual seasons 1&2 together cost 28.98 EUR and it's fellow S&M complete collection containing both seasons costs 29.99 EUR, so instead of being discounted by 50% it's actually more expensive by 3.5% . Even if they're just discounting their normal package price by 50%, the fact that individual items are cheaper than the package makes no sense to me.
And yeah, the S&M complete pack does not include season 3 =/

I thought it wasn't a really good deal at first but when I found out that it doesn't even include the last season I changed my mind. On top of that the US version is still 30% cheaper than the European one. Now can I at least get some kind of a deal here at telltale directly and transfer these games to Steam?

And try to do your homework next time telltale. It seriously amazes me how companies like this can make such mistakes. Don't they have people responsible for setting prices there or something? And it's not like they have a gazillion of games in their catalog to look over. And the somewhat funny fact is that it's not just about one wrong detail, because it's basically all done wrong (wrong package price, wrong discount, not all games are in a COMPLETE package, expensive starting pricepoints).

Don't get me wrong ... I love your games, but it's just ridiculous that one such company can mess up the whole experience this badly.

PS: I'm writing here cause I doubt anyone at telltale has heard of a forum on Steam's website. And yeah, I'm still waiting for some 5 EUR prices with your discounts (even though I'd still have to seek for an US pal to get me a 30% cheaper version).

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  • Last I checked just about all the pricing on steam for bundles vs. not bundles is FUBAR right now because of the holiday sale. This goes for all companies, not just Telltale.

  • @holmja said: Last I checked just about all the pricing on steam for bundles vs. not bundles is FUBAR right now because of the holiday sale. This goes for all companies, not just Telltale.

    Fixed it for ya.

  • Yeah, I agree. It's a giant mess but if all the companies looked after their games this wouldn't be the case. And no, nothing is fixed as of yet.

    They could also include a Season 1 in TT Holiday pack, but no, only S2 and S3 are included, which doesn't make much sense either.

  • I gifted the season 3 for 10€ to my friend, seems like a good deal to me oO

  • Sometimes the pricing can be crazy but the Steam sales are mostly awesome.

    As for the current Sam and Max pricing though... hmm, well Steam is technically just a shop, while they can set prices, wouldn't they also have to check with the publishers as well? I mean, hell, how old is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare? And they could still only reduce it by 50%, whereas I got Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light for £2.50, that was something like 80% of the Original Price, and it only came out a couple of months ago.

    So yeah, I'd be willing to wager that Telltale did have a hand in the prices.

  • Ehm, shops can do whatever the hell they want with prices without the publishers knowledge.

    Since it's digital versions and keycode's though instead of physical copies it *might* be different, but I wouldn't know that. It doesn't seem likely Valve asks all companies for their permission and stuff...

  • As far as I know developers are responsible for setting the prices on Steam and Valve folks just advise them on the pricepoints... So this way it is Telltale's fault.

  • I don't see the problem, just checked Steam myself:
    Sam & Max Season 1 [£8.49]
    Sam & Max Season 2 [£10.99]
    Combined price [£19.48]

    Sam & Max S1&2 Pack [£16.49]

    I'd get it's just a price mess up on the Euro convert, but USD [$] and GBP [£] wise it makes sense and is cheaper to buy in a bundle than separate.

  • US:
    S1: 14.99
    S2: 14.99
    "complete" pack: 29.99 (a cent more expensive than individual seasons...)

    S1: 8.49
    S2: 10.99
    "complete" pack: 16.49 (15% cheaper than separate seasons)

    S1: 13.99
    S2: 14.99
    "complete" pack: 29.99 (3.5% more expensive)

    ... It still makes no sense to me =/ ... Even though there is a pack discount applied in UK US and EU packs are more expensive than if buying the seasons individually. Even though the price is just a cent more expensive in US than individual seasons, it's just the principle of packs that is wrong.

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