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Thoughts on "Super Back to the Future Part II" for the Super Famicom?

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We've finally got a decent Back to the Future with the first episode proving to be a success. In the past we've seen many games based on the series turning out to be flops. Even Bob Gale has shown his disinterest towards them.
However one was never released state side or any other country which was released exclusive to Japan.
"Super Back to the Future Part II" released in July 23rd, 1993 for the Super Famicom (Japanese Super Nintendo), developed by company 'Daft' and published by Toshiba EMI, a platformer in which you controlled Marty riding his hoverboard jumping over obstacles and onto enemies and collecting coins to purchase powerups and extra lives. And every few levels you'd encounter a boss level.
More information about the game you can find here:
and small sample of the gamplay:
As you can see the gamplay is less frustrating than the other games and probably more fun.

So what are your thoughts on the game?

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