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ToMI on UK PSN only contains Chapter 1.

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Just bringing this to your attention if you haven't seen it yet, guys.

The "Full Series Download" for Tales of Monkey Island on UK PSN's does not let us download the whole series. Just Chapter One.

The series went up on offer on December 22nd (almost 50% off), and it seems like that's when the single-episode glitch/problem started to happen, going by what others have said.
This problem has been brought up in the PS3 forums, but Sony apparently are saying that there was never more than one chapter released on PSN. Of course, this is certainly not the case, since we fully well know that the whole season was released.

Sony are not giving their customers accurate information. I know this issue isn't you guys' fault, but if you as the official ToMI developers could contact them about this, the problem could be solved faster.

I was hoping to buy Tales on PS3 from Day one of having one with this offer. But seeing that this has happened, I'm gonna have to step away until it's solved. Please get this issue sorted and me, and many other UK Monkey Island fans and PSN owners will be happy this Christmas!

Cheesy, I know, but I'd love to play Tales on console, so please consider contacting Sony, guys. Thanks!


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  • Have the same problem here in AUS.

    I have been in contact with Playstation support and they have asked me to contact Telltale Games to resolve the issues.

    I have sent an email to Telltale Games regarding the problem, hopefully they are more helpful than Playstation Support.

  • I have also been referred here by the PSN customer support, who don't seem to know what they're talking about.

    Chapters 2 to 5 are definitely completely missing from the EU Playstation Store, yet the store has no problems charging £7 in their sale for content they can't provide and seem unable to troubleshoot!

    Can Telltale do anything? At the very least Sony needs to be made to take the offer off the website so no more people are misled!


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