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TOMI Problem - My cursor seems so slow?

posted by autumn on - Viewed by 126 users

Hello there.

I will try to explain my problem in here, I hope you can understand it (I'm from germany..)
So, I got the TOMI-DVD for christmas and I had no problems installing it at all. I can start the game without problems, too.
But within the game, my mouse seems to be somewhat slow, which makes the game unplayable for me because it is really annoying. :(
It seems as though the cursor isn't reacting in time to my movements of the mouse, I hope you can somehow understand what I'm trying to say...:rolleyes:

I put the quality in the games menu to "1", which is the lowest quality, but that doesn't seem to help much.

I have Directx 10 installed, I think. And I searched for new drivers for my graphics card but it said that I have the newest ones installed already and that there are no newer drivers for it.

Here is my dxdiag information (sorry, I don't know how to put it in a signature-thing, I'm very, very bad when it comes to technics..:p)

Edit: Guys, I have solved this problem now by lowering the resolution of the game. I thought I had done so already but I was only aware of the 4 resolutionts displayed and I didn't see that you could actually select others by clicking on the arrows at the sides, because I didn't see those arrows..Now I am playing it at the lowest resolution and it is going ooookay, not really great but I guess it's playable now.

BUT! Now there's another problem:
Because I played the game a bit now but when it comes to the scene wehere Guybrush stabs LeChuck with the sword, the game just isn't going anymore and its going all black and I'm back at my windows screen. Theres a message saying an error ocurred and the game couldn't work anymore. Well, what can I do about this? It's making me crazy!

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