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Transfer iPhone Saves to iPad?

posted by DerSchpock on - last edited - Viewed by 210 users

I just got myself an iPad and now I am all eager to finish my puzzle agent adventure already begun on the iPhone on the new-bought gadget. I pur based the iPad app but there seems to be now official way to transfer save games, is there? I also downloaded iPhone explored and copied the save game file over (save1). It even does show up in PA but when I try to load the game, I only get a blank screen.
Is there anything I can do besides replying the whole thing?

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  • Well, I did start from scratch and just finished the game on the iPad. Great game to begin with - and surprisingly even better on the iPad compared to the iPhone (the bigger screen goes a long way in improving the controls).
    Anyway, I wish Telltale make this into a proper season. It is really this good. (Although, seeing how they are already giving it away for free with BTTF, I fear the game didn't really sell all this well now did it?)

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