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Sam & Max 303: Accessories of Privelege Bug

posted by Asahnoln on - Viewed by 100 users

At first I'd like to say that the game is one of the greatest adventure games and I love it very much.
Then I'd like to report about the subject:

I didn't find anything about this bug throughout the forum.
When you make the, hm, police think that Stinky is a heretic and they get him away, you win the accessory of privelege. After that if you try to enter his diner, suddenly a T-animated model of Stinky appears next to the diner and it's active. You can try to talk to it and even choose dialogs and make him look like a heretic again. After that you won't need three badges, just get another one and the game will think you have tree badges. Unfortunately, I didn't try to make the bug tree times in a row, but here it is.
Thank you for the attention!

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