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Stuck at "Chainsaw Bocce Bowler" ?

posted by lob on - Viewed by 166 users

Can someone help me with this please? I have done all the following:

Complete the story
Find 4 of 4 Snake Boxer 5 Manual Pages
Find 4 of 4 hidden clothing items
Find 4 of 4 Teen Girl Squad Cards
Obtain 4 of 4 Obscure Trophies
Call 7 of 7 people in Free Country, USA.
Beat the record for the F.C.U.T.R.E.R race (try to get 15 seconds or less)
Get 15 or more Knockouts in Snake Boxer 5
Get 5000 points in Teen Girl Squad

All are listed green but i am still at rank Chainsaw Bocce Bowler? What else can i do ??

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