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Sam & Max sketchbook - alive and well!

posted by Emily on - Viewed by 149 users

Not to be outdone by the Western print, Steve Purcell's beloved Sam & Max sketchbook has found it has one more life to give for its country fans, in the form of a brand new reprint now available in the Telltale store!


The sketchbook is chalk full of scribbles, concepts, and full-fledged drawings by Steve Purcell, chronicling almost twenty years of Sam & Max goodness. It was originally unveiled at last year's Comic Con in a limited run. The overwhelming demand to this first Sam & Max book in a decade led to our decision in November to reprint, giving those of you who haven't bought it yet the opportunity to get your hands on this gem before it slips off the face of the earth (and into the clutches of eBay) forever.

Go buy it! You might not get this chance again!

(If you bought the sketchbook while it was backordered, your order will ship very soon... if it hasn't already.)

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