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Indie Games (or games of lesser fame)

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Has anyone found any great online games, or lesser known games that you believe are worth sharing? Post 'em here.

Gretel and Hansel - a darker take on the Brothers Grimm fairytale. A flash-based game, it is composed entirely of scanned-in watercolour pictures. Simplistic, but nothing to sneeze at. There is also some very black humor in this game, so if you're the squeamish type, and don't like watching children fall into some very... bleak situations, this may not be for you. You play as Gretel in this first installment, as she gathers the pebbles necessary to leave a trail back home. (Hansel is pretty much useless. No, really. He's retarded.)

Gretel and Hansel - Part 2 - The much bigger and better next installment to the series. More point and clicky puzzles to do, more ways for Gretel to die, and more achievements to unlock. The atmosphere is made absolutely gorgeous by a new soundtrack by a new composer - and you're further immersed in the supernatural world that this story takes place in - cleverly so. In this installment, you play Gretel (And briefly, Hansel!), as you navigate your way through an enchanted forest, in an attempt to finally get home.

Don't eat the mushrooms.

Yume Nikki - a game which... really kind of messes with you, quite a bit. Literally "Dream Diary," you play a female recluse, who wanders her dreams each night. Each one is strange, and almost nonsensical, until you look at the context the fans have come up with. And then it's really deep, at times horrifying. Recommended if you want a good "what the hell was that?!" moment, but ultimately, your mileage may vary. Freeware-made. You can find the download link here.

Tower of Heaven - A very simple, straightforward game. You are a nameless protagonist, ascending a tower that leads to a God. As you ascend, however, this God begins to lay down laws to make your goal more and more impossible - example, 'Thou shalt not touch the sides of the blocks,' or 'Thou shalt not walk left,' etc. This game is surprisingly replayable, if not just for the gameplay itself, but for the wonderful music as well. And there's definitely an underlying sense of depth, despite the gameboy-esque graphics - they used their medium beautifully.

Machinarium - a lovely, short point-and-click puzzle game (warning, it's incredibly difficult) featuring a coming-of-age story of a little robot off to save his girl from unknown circumstances. Actually, it's a steampunk-esque adventure, with lighthearted overtones. You play a little tin robot named Jozef, who's been kicked out of his home city by a gang of black-capped jerkwad robots. You need to make your way back, figure out the story as you're going along, rescue your adorable girlfriend, and save the city from the Black Cap Brotherhood. A 2D game, it has incredibly charming artwork, a wonderful atmosphere, and probably one of the best game composers I've personally heard. It can be downloaded via Steam, or through the links found here.

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  • Thanks for the reminder about Yume Nikki! I've heard so much about it through /x/, and I always forget to download it. Remedying that right now.

  • I'd say Touhou, but it would have more fame than lesser. XD

  • @Hayley the Hedgie said: I'd say Touhou, but it would have more fame than lesser. XD

    I've seen so many cosplays of that series, it's not funny. :P

    What's the series actually about? I've read up on the wiki, and I still can't follow it. XD;

  • Is Super Meat Boy and Indie game?

  • @1nky said: I've seen so many cosplays of that series, it's not funny. :P

    What's the series actually about? I've read up on the wiki, and I still can't follow it. XD;

    Like, there's not much you need to understand. It's a hell bullet shooter game where you take control of this shrine keeper or this witch and fend off the evil spirits and fairies off the face of the Earth, sort off.

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    I'm currently replaying Ben There, Dan That! and its less freeware sequel, since I forgot how good they are (and now I know Sam and Max, I can get all the references to that, which is nice). They're basically LucasArts pastiches with a SCUMM-like interface, they are British, sweary, and significantly more brilliant than you'd expect a game about the creators' self inserts to be.

    The really special thing about it is that there's barely any generic 'I can't pick that up' dialogue - almost everything you do has its own response. Talking to trails of blood! Using Dan on a castle! Trying to cut wires with glue! I don't even want to think about how much time the writers must have spent thinking of witty responses for talking to inanimate objects, but somehow they not only did it, but managed to make it consistently funny.

    And the second game is about killing Jetpack Hitler and his army of Nazi tyrannosauruses in order to un-invent the coathanger. If that hasn't sold you, nothing will.

  • I'd like to mention that the IGF finalists for 2011 have been announced. The IGF judges have impeccably good taste, and every single finalist every year has some incredible value or merit to them. This year is no exception, and the finalists here are definitely games to play if you ever get the chance(Nidhogg, as far as I can tell, is only available at the NYU Game Center, as it was commissioned for that exhibit).

    I absolutely LOVE the IGF. For one week, the guesswork out of indie games shopping is thrown out of the picture. Every year, I dig through the finalists and I have always found at least two games that I will always love to death, because they are hallmarks of excellence or provide an experience so unique and beautiful that it would simply be impossible for the industry machine to spit them out. I beg of you to click the link above, go through the finalists, and see the benchmarks of what the indie video game scene is capable of producing.

  • ^
    Why no category for best writing? >=(

  • World of Goo, Shatter, Puzzle dimension, Quantz, Cogs, Beathazard, Brainpipe and geometry wars are a few that I like. I also think Tidalis might be really cool but I need to play it some more.

  • @Gman5852 said: Is Super Meat Boy and Indie game?

    Yes. But it's extremely popular.

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