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ToMI 3 (Steam) game freeze

posted by prilmeie on - Viewed by 131 users


I am experiencing a (repeatable) game freeze right after the Narwhale submerges from the Manatee and De Cava pushes Guybrush into the water. While the music keeps going, the game is frozen with a screen showing De Cava and Morgan.

I have seen a savegame in the thread "ToMI Ep. 3 Broken Save Game" which most probably is what I am looking for. Unfortunatelly I cannot load the "after cochlea" save game posted there - I get a similar freeze (I don't get the loading skull ...), while I do can load the other save game(s) posted in that thread. I also tried to put the graphic level to the very lowest (640*480 / quality 1) with no change.

Any help/hints? I really would love to finish this - up to this freeze - most enjoyable episode.


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