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A glitch in 360 version of episode 1 - Yee-oww! achievement doesn't unlock

posted by Dorian Grave on - Viewed by 266 users

I have been trying to get the Yee-oww! achievement for couple of days now with no avail. I know exactly what to do: paw the plates at the living room, in act 1 or 3, try get the beehives lid without distracting the bees and the third one should be automatic when Wallace goes to confront the bees downstairs. But no achievements for me :( The weirdest part is that when I tried to get it with my "second" profile, which is not connected to live, it unlocked.

Any help is appreciated.


Never mind that, I wasn't missing the Yee-oww!, it was Get Craking... Can I die now, please...

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