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Avril Lavigne, may have changed for the worse?

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(New single)

"It may be the case ,that to judge her element of what may be perceived as her current quality , you would have to be committed to what would statistically be perceived as her original passage of success of sound."

Comments about how "bad" she has always been may been seen as irrelevant comments by another.

I "discovered" Avril Lavigne several years ago, with her first album. ":)"

As I've possibly perceived "the influence " on my perception of reality her music has had , I shall possibly respond: "Lyrics that were heart felt, had weight to them. Feeling and passion behind her words that meant something, that provoked a heart felt connection to the listener. I wanted to hear her voice, hear what she had to say."

As perceived, as possibly recalled, she always meant what she said and convinced others that she meant it. I may have respected, admired her as a passionate performer who may have convinced others that she meant what she sang.

The 3rd album looks "different". Off the bat you may perceive that the music, performer has greatly changed as the entire "expression, vibe,' the album cover gives off is "different" than the first two albums.

The album starts with the track GirlFriend, which is debate-ably dramatically "different" than her first two albums...

Then I Can Do Better follows....

Anyways, when in the mood, I perceive , may have possibly perceived, that I actually enjoy a few of the tracks on the 3rd album.

Such as,
When You're Gone
Keep Holding On

All and all, I'm beginning to believe that I may have acted in a way that may be now considered a over reaction. Personally, I do not listen to all the tracks often, but there are a few that "connect" to me.

I am hoping for what I consider her "original" connection drawn to what I may perceive as self, in the 4th album.


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