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Telltale Dreamgames

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To Help Telltale we should tell people what kind of games we want:) u know we should all help them out Any Suggestions:confused:

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  • I'm sure they have enough on their plates now, but....

    Non-mainstream pokemon
    Trumpet paradice
    Tumble (The awsome dice head guy from Mario Party 3)
    Texas holdem on iPod!

  • I spent half an hour making this post and for some reason it never got posted the first time.

    This isn't an adventure game idea, but it's the only place where I could post this and it wouldn't be off-topic.

    My game idea would be for a futuristic FPS set in 2250.You would play as an astronaut working at NASA, on a mission to a planet (haven't decided a name) in the Andromeda galaxy.Due to unfortunate events in previous missions, astronauts are now required to carry pistols on missions, but due to varying gravity levels on different planets, bullets can't be used.So instead you use (here comes an extremely original idea!!!) laser guns.In a whirwind of bad luck, your ship crashes into the surface.You and your team call in a rescue team, but due to "strange radar readings", the rescue team didn't want to take a chance landing near the crash site, so they land on the planet's South pole.So all you have to do is get from the crash site to the rescue team, all the way across the planet.Sound simple, right?Wrong!!!The planet turns out to have life forms on it, but they're not just any life forms, they're life forms in which some of them are much smarter than humans could ever be!!!Some creatures are extremely stupid, only alive for the purpose of battle, while others live in complex civilizations, live life like humans, can carry guns, take cover, and even plan battle strategies.The planet has a gigantic army, and through the game you have to remember this: YOU are the alien on their planet, and they will go to drastic measures to destroy you.I guess it's a good thing you brought that gun, right?

    Through the game, NASA will teleport you more powerful weapons if the need arises, ranging from sustained fire guns(one beam keeps working without recoil as long as you hold down the trigger) to laser shotguns and sniper rifles to shoulder-mounted energy cannons and guns that shoot through walls(a la Red Faction's Rail Driver).The game would also use Volition's Geo-Mod technology.

    Through the game you will blast your way through everything from all-out battles in bearen wastelands to intense stealth missions in crowded cities.Through the game you will find out more about the civilization and culture of this planet.

    So that's my game idea.It will probably never be made, but it's an idea anyway.Haven't thought of a title yet, though...

  • Irritating Stick! A sequel to Irritating Stick!

    Er, wait, that's not Adventure...

  • so those life forms are kinda like grunts huh?from halo?

  • I has an idea. It would be titled "New Heroes"! (I can't think of anything else. D: )

    OK, so this guy, Jack* would recently be granted with limited transformation of his body into various shapes and materials, but only for a certain time, depending on how much energy he used. He would eventually meet a guy named Alex Wilson, who found the ring said to have been worn by an emporer in some legend about controlling fire, and can (get ready for it) control fire! So they team up, and start fighting crime together (generic hero team cliche). One night they stumble across a person leaving their city (which happens to border some ocean) illegally. They sneak onto the ship, which starts moving at incredible speeds out into the middle of the ocean, and lands on a small generic-looking island. Jack and Alex talk to him and learn that his name is Christopher Donovan** and that his brother Samuel Leonardo Donovan*** has been trapped on this island for seven years. He explains that this was because his brother stowed away on a journey that he was on, and Sam made the ship explode, flinging him onto the island and ruining Chris's larynx (and giving him an awesome scar on his left eye). Chris is on the island looking for his brother and Jack and Alex agree to help. They retrive Sam who has gone completely insane, and bring him back to the world. Chris is a genius and heals Sam who, due to the explosion, has permanent burns on his hands and halfway up his arms and a strange interpretation of things. Chris accidentally superheals his brother and he can move incredibly fast (MOAR GENERIC STUFF). They all form a team, but then citizens of the city are disappearing, with an earthquake each time. The epicenter is found to be coming from a bordering desert (where the hell is this city anyway?). The team goes out to investigate never to return again [/edwood] and has to fight for their lives and those of the city.
    Basic gameplay: You can switch between any character as you gain/lose them from the party to solve puzzles throughout the game. Each character will have normal attacks, and special attacks which can be gained/upgraded later. Jack's attacks focus on shapeshifting, Alex's are based on fire, Chris has waepins he makes, and Sam can move supra fast.
    Dang, I spent a half-hour writing that... I really need a life...

    *I can't think of a last name, though I might parody the name of someone I know.
    **I only chose that name because it sounds cool.
    ***Replace his last name with Jackson and you'll realize the origin of his name.

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