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So, there seems to be a german version...

posted by Mirko on - last edited - Viewed by 279 users

I just saw on a german games site, that they reposted one of the old Puzzle Agent Videos, and realised that there will be a german version:

I like the look of the cover, but after following the link to amazon, I found a screenshot with a really bad translation:

The left speechbubble is completely wrong. Thats not even a real sentence and sounds more like a bad automatic translation (just checked: the google translator produces the same result, but they have omitted the part with the new hat). I seriously hope this got fixed before the discs got into production. Everything else I looked at seemed to be ok.

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  • And by the way, why Telltale never inform us about new languages for their games? Not a single word about the european release of Tomi, or about the German one, or about this german version of Puzzle Agent.
    It's already difficult to accept the tremendous delay of translations, and they also don't give us any news about it at all!

    @ALAN: I think this things deserve their own blog news.

  • just stepped into the "supermarket of my choice", checked out games and stuff and bought the german version of puzzle agent. just german subs, but hey, nice.

    the only thing that made me shiver me is the fact that its published by "astragon". a company known in germany only for releasing tons and more tons of shitty (yeah, SHITTY) "simulation" games. wanna play a garbage disposal simulation? ask astragon. wanna play delivery truck? ask astragon. wanna play rail tanker? ask astragon.... seriously, who needs this shi.....

    but anyway, yes, would be nice if telltale would inform their customers about localized releases, deals with publishers and stuff....

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