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The Telltale Five... and the possibilty of Sam & Max Season Four being announced.

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So yeah I'm sure you all heard that Telltale has announced that they will reaveal 5 new episodic games on Feb 17th (The Walking Dead pressumed to be one of them, but thats another topic). So yeah I'm predicting and hoping that Season 4 will be anounced in those 5 projects. Think about it, Sam & Max being more or less Telltale's main franchise and The Devil's Playhouse not only being the most succesful of the 3 seasons but also leaving a lot of possibilty for a sequel due to that controversial ending, IMO so it would be a no brainer for Season 4 to be announced in Feb. 17

That my opinion, leave your opinion on as well and vote on the poll if you like.

Sam & Max Season 4 & Tales of Monkey Island 2 FTW! :D

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    divisionten Moderator

    If they're going to sequel anything, its more likely n the following order: ToMI (with LucasArts' approval, without it, not even worth mentioning), Inventory, Puzzle Agent, and then Sam and Max. But that's just me.

  • <- This thread is mainly about the whole thing.

    Although this thread specializes on a possible Sam and Max Season Four. Honestly, to me, no other announcement would be that great and special (not even ToMI 2) but I don't think they'd go for it. Season 3 is still hot, people demand other sequels like ToMI2 (but again, I would like to see S&M:S4 more) and it would be unfair to them, you know, we have 2 seasons in a row when they don't get their promised continuation for... 2 years? Not exactly sure.

    I think it's unlikely atm. ToMI2 or even SBCG4AP2 looks more likely.

  • I think it's too soon to expect season 4.

  • @corruptbiggins said: I think it's too soon to expect season 4.

    Some people like to hope, I guess.

    Hell, I do.

  • @corruptbiggins said: I think it's too soon to expect season 4.

    Well you never know, Season 2 came out a few months after bright side of the moon *shrugs*

  • Exactly what I was thinking. They could do two series in a row, followed by a two year gap, then repeat.

  • @SlasherMan said: Well you never know, Season 2 came out a few months after bright side of the moon *shrugs*

    But again, Telltale didn't have that many franchises back then. I mean noone could be angry at them by not making a new MI game because they didn't know Telltale actually COULD make an MI game, and it applies to the other franchises such as Strong Bad, Puzzle Agent, In the Inventory and maybe Wallace and Gromit.

    But if you want to shrug off common sense, sure...

  • @Falanca said: But if you want to shrug off common sense, sure...

    lol at this :D

    I agree with Falanca in that it's probably too soon to realistically expect season 4 this soon after season 3. They could announce it as one of the five but I imagine it will won't be released until further down the line. Telltale said they are announcing five new projects but they also said they weren't going to be working on them all at the same time.

  • As much as I would love one, it's just too damn early. I mean 6 month after the finale and people already want an annoucment for season 4. Geeze hold your lagamorphs people. I know for a fact there will be one because of the one to many cliffhangers that the last episode had, and generally through-ot the entire season. I'd give it a year AT THE LEAST! 3 years max. Even if they are making it, they wouldn't annouce it. It'll probaly get too cluttered in with the other annoucments. It'll come just be patient. :)

  • Actually, I think the last episode had little to no cliffhangers. It almost looked like a perfect way to end the series, even, which made me pretty sad.

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