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Everyone Needs To Play the Magicka Demo RIGHT NOW

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Drop what you're doing.

Play this.

Play the demo. Get access to elements. Dick around when combining elements.

This game is amazingly fun and innovative.

The basic premise is that you are a wizard, and the spell system allows you to combine elements. You cast fire, you get a fire spray. You cast rock, you send out a boulder projectile. Combine fire and rock, and you send out a fireball.

You can cast spells on yourself, outwardly, or as an Area of Effect. You can also imbue your weapon with a magical effect and attack short-range that way. The game has up to four-player co-op, leading to frantic casting matches. It can also be played solo, the game scaled to the number of players. The spellcasting system is insanely fun and leads to a great number of ways to play. I really think everyone should try this out because the production values and execution are simply amazing on the part of this first-time developer, and this could easily be an indie game of the year contender this early on. TRY IT.

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