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Does anyone here play LFS?

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I was wondering - does anyone here play Live for Speed? I've been playing it a lot recently and I'd love to play it with you guys (I have my own dedicated server running 24/7 if you want to join, ask me for details)

Live for Speed is a small development team dedicated to making the best online racing simulation. Our current release is S2 with which we attempt to recreate the thrill and fun of real racing, by simulating all aspects important to racing. Varying racing environments and cars which can be setup by an abundance of options - all on your home pc.

So what will you find in LFS S2? The DEMO allows you access to 3 cars and one racing environment that has both a road and a rallycross course. The cars available are a front wheel drive hatchback, one rear wheel driven road car and the Formula BMW, a single seater. These three cars make for a good all round impression.
The FULL version adds five more racing environments, a big test area and 17 additional cars. The test area contains many configurations: a skid pad, a drag strip and an autocross area, plus an editor to create your own autocross tracks.

Here are a few pics of the game:


Interested? if your into racing games you'll be pleasantly surprised by LFS!
If you already play this let me know and we can have EPIC CAR BATTLES.

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