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Sam and Max unplayable

posted by Drezic on - last edited - Viewed by 138 users

I wasn't able to play episode two of Sam and Max. Then I was told that there would be a new bugless version - so I decided to wait. I now felt that was taking quite long and decided to play part three first. And it doesn't work either. I can only see the credits and the title before the game freezes... AGAIN!

I am now downloading part four but this is not getting my hopes up... How long is it going to take before there will be versions of the samandmax episodes without any bugs?

I am very dissapointed...

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  • Guess what... Episode 4 doesn't work either... Not at all, I cannot even see the intro.

    In episode two I couldn't load savegames, in episode three I couldn't see anything but the intro and in part four I can't even see the intro :confused:

    What is this? Episode 1 ran quite smoothly...

  • i have a problem too all the episodes in season 2 work fine except night of the raving dead.
    whenever i enter the castle it freezes i can still hear the sound but its frozen all you can see is the doors and superball.

  • Drezic, the first thing I would suggest is to update your DirectX and your video card drivers.

    As for Cougar, it sounds like that is a problem with 203 specifically. I would try redownloading and reinstalling the game. If that doesn't work, you might want to try updating your sound card drivers and your DirectX.

  • It would also help if you guys could list your computer specs (OS and video card especially). Drezic, this sounds like an incompatibility between the game and something on your system, not necessarily a game bug, and if we know more about your system that could help us figure out what's causing it.

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