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Telltale, my message to you can be summed up in a simple image

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Loved this game. It is the only game I have ever played where it was worth playing for the story alone. I got it in the Steam indie story bundle (in fact, the only reason I got the bundle was it was cheaper than this game on its own, I still haven't played any of the others) and almost as soon as I was finished I bought a copy for my girlfriend.

The story is great. The script is great. The artstyle is great. The humour is great. The fact that the game starts off as Fargo and ends as the X-Files is marvellous. I knew nothing about this game before I bought it other than it was a puzzle game, a Telltale game and the artstyle was cute. I did not have a clue about the Hidden People stuff and was really surprised and actually creeped out by them. The atmosphere was pulled off amazingly.

This game scared me. Scary films don't scare me. I can't think about a single film that has actually really scared me (not since I was a kid, that is) and only one book and a handful of games (if Silent Hill 2 and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. don't scare you you aren't human) but you managed to scare me with little red gnomes. I have no idea how you managed it but bravo!

I understand that this game is a pilot and a trial to see if it can be made into a successful series. Please please please make more. You will have two guaranteed purchases from me (one from me, one from my girlfriend, who also loved it) and I will spread the word about how great a game this is.

Take my money, TAKE ALL OF IT.

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