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BttF Episode 1 won't play.

posted by RAnthonyMahan on - last edited - Viewed by 98 users

First of all, a little explanation that I think might help figure out the cause of this problem: My little brother has money, and I don't, so all of my Telltale downloads are on his account, warning756.

I heard Episode 2 of BttF was out. I opened up the launcher and clicked "GET IT!", only for it to ask me to sign in to the right Telltale account (his). He won't download it right now, but I thought I could at least replay Episode 1. I click "PLAY!"...and nothing happens. The game doesn't come up. I've tried restarting the computer, but that did nothing.

Now, I'm guessing that the launcher is tied to a person's Telltale account, so unless I'm logged in on my brother's account the launcher is useless. Is this correct, or is there some other problem?

EDIT: Never mind. It seems downloading Episode 2 replaces it with a new launcher. Clicking Episode 1 still does nothing, according to my brother, but since you can choose to play it from Episode 2 it's not a big deal. There's still the issue of waiting for my brother to unlock the game for me, though. =/ Anyway, you can ignore this thread. Thanks anyway!

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