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Dear TellTale...

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I got your letter today. You informed me that "my free episode is here!!". There's just one problem. My free episode was supposed to be given to me back when I bought the Blu-ray set 3 months ago, like you promised. It seems you didn't like that people were giving away the clearly generic code that you had in the box, and decided that instead of giving the first episode away to so many people, you would force people who played by the rules to wait for three months before they could play the game they were entitled to.

This would not have bothered me EXCEPT that you are making this episode available at the same time as when the whole world can buy episode two. in other words, there was really no benefit to me. One month? Fine. But releasing my free copy LATER THAN those who chose to pay for it? That seems rather petty of you.

Anyway, it's been so long now that I've basically lost interest in playing the game. I might even have bought the whole series if I had been given my free copy when I bought the Blu-ray, like you promised I could. But so many other games have come out that I just don't have the interest anymore. I actually got to see a video showing the whole episode play out, so I got the whole story without having to lift a finger.

I didn't want it to be like this between us. I thought we might be able to make it work. I know I certainly buying the Blu-ray like you told me I had to. But then you went and withheld your lovin while giving to paying customers. I don't really fault you for that...I don't. I just think you could have gone about it a better way. Now, I will have to just make do with videos of the series. Maybe if the whole set's price drops to $5 I will think about coming back to you. But until then, leave the memories alone.

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