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Suzette: Could the new KQ be text?

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Not sure if any of you remember this from a while back, but Telltale programmer Bruce Wilcox won last year's Loebner Prize (an annual award in artificial intelligence) for his chatbot Suzette. Shortly afterwards he made an interesting remark in this interview.

What do you see for the future of your bot or bots in general ?

Natural language is the way we should be interacting with computers, so my bot and others are just a step along the way. Scribblenauts is a game that allows a lot of nouns and adjectives and I'm working at TellTale games on a game that does nouns and verbs. All of this is going toward NL.

When he first said this, I was curious what game Telltale could be working on that could possibly benefit from chatbot technology. With Telltale's five new announcements, I remembered how the old King's Quest games were graphical text adventures. A text adventure would require a good parser able to recognize nouns and verbs and how they can be interchangeable. (For example, in a well-programmed text adventure, "GET ITEM" and "TAKE ITEM" should do the same thing.)

I know it's unlikely (especially since it would make porting the game to consoles a bitch), but maybe the new King's Quest game could be a text adventure too?

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