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  • It's because that college is the land of the hippies. I hear if you even mention the word Republican or eat a hamburger on campus you are accosted.

    Plus, it's located close to TTG headquarters, so it could also be a jab at their neighbors.

    Also funny that they chose that college as we are coming up on the 40th anniversary of the Summer of Love.

  • Plus, Berkley smells funny... so it is always good to make fun of it.

  • In regards to the Apollo 13 thing, I think the current explanation is probably correct (regarding the "Houston, we have a problem" incident), but another possibility might refer to the strange sparkling "constellations" astronauts had frequently observed in the immediate vicinity of their spacecraft...which were later determined to be jettisoned liquid waste. (The astronauts christened the phenomenon "The Constellation Urion".) This effect might be replicated by a snowglobe of the spacecraft.

  • One time, I was in Berkeley and like 10 years old. I was walking down Telegraph Ave., one of the craziest streets in the country, when I was traumatized by seeing this guy who had chained himself to a street lamp and was explaining to passerbys how he planned on sawing himself out. And I've been afraid of Berkeley ever since. How sad that my girlfriend lives there...

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    They have an awesome reptile shop there though!

  • @Zeek said: So far, that's the only joke in the series I honestly didn't understand.

    I'm sure there are plenty of jokes and references in the games that I don't even realise are jokes. They just fly right by to tickle somebody elses fancy.

  • Both Jake and I went to UC Santa Cruz, by the way :)

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