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Thanks Telltale and Purcell for spoiling us!

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Us sam and max fans have had a fair share of waits and disapointments. But Telltale and Purcell have really been treating us greatly in over a year since they confirmed they had the rights we've been treated to :

- Sam and Max season 1 (obiviously)

- A Sam and Max webcomic (free)

- Sam and Max Machinima Shorts (free)

- Sam and Max soundtrack downloads (free)

-Make your own Sam and Max comic (free)

-Retail release of the season of sam and max coming soon

- lets not forget the chance of a wii sam and max game (hired wii developer anybody?)

- Dave Grossman has also comfirmed that they're planning Season two!!!!

So i'd like to thank the telltale crew and Steve Purcell for making it such a happy year for sam and max and point and click fans!

p.s i would thank Gametap for releasing the animated series but restricting it to the usa only kinda changed my mind being a uk sam and max fan and all! but thanks gametap for funding sam and max!

keep up the amazing job!

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